Interview with the former Syrian NT coach Vladimir Bosnjak

- July 28, 2009 (by Emile Aaji)

EB: We talk to Vladimir Bosnjak (agency: 011 Sports ), famous basketball coach from Serbia. Coach this is time of Arab Championship, Jones Cup in Asia and Asian Championship in August 2009. You were coach of 5 different National selections, in 3 countries, Libya, Iran, Syria and you worked in clubs in, China, Bahrein,Qatar and Jordan. Can you give us comment about current events?!

Coach Bosnjak: Yes I was very fortunate to be in many countries in last 9 years and to achieve success almost everywhere I worked. Beside teams I coached won several golden medals, played several Finals of Play-offs, National Cups and Semi-finals, I coached some Asian players who first time in history of F.I.B.A. basketball, went to Euro, or N.B.A. clubs. I think that this kind of events certainly developed those players, because competition in Asian and Mid East basketball is one year after another stronger and stronger, thanks to many talented players from those countries and to big desire of fans to come and watch those games, domestic players, coaches and us foreigners.

EB: Last year you were coach of Syrian National Team and A.S.U. basketball club from Jordan, at the same time! Can you tell us something about Syrian basketball and recant results Syria made in Arab Championship?

Coach Bosnjak: Syrian basketball is loaded of many good domestic players, the most important young guys. I was there in a difficult time when they lately got 11th in Asian Championship and 10th in Asian games. They were losing vs. teams such was Hong Kong. Also we did not have those 2 Brasilian-Syrians, 208 and 213cm tall. But it was a huge work those players and assistants invested with me and we refresh the generation of members of N.T. and reach Semi-Finals, which was great success at that time, by promoted some 17 years old members of N.T. I am so happy that Syrians repeated that this year with young domestic coach and I wish them to continue that. This is great news for Syrian basketball and I congratulate to all members of team and coaches.

EB:How about Jordan, you were Coach of the Year there for last season, how do you see their basketball, we read rumor you will take their National Team after Asian Championship in China?

Coach Bosnjak: Until I sign for any team, club or Basketball Federation, I would not speculate about it, but there are contacts made with my Agent from 011 sports agency, mr Asanin and he is now more involved in that talks than me. I think whatever happens, I did not finish my job in that talented country for basketball and my special interest is to continue to work with their young players such is Zeid Abbas for example, who in my opinion is next player in Asia, to reach Euro competition, or even above that. In any case wish them all the best, there are so many talents there, I am sure they should move on and make World Cup in Turkey 2010.

Asia-Basket wished all the best to ASU Sports Club and Zain in their pariticpation in the big arabic (2009)

Player of the Year: Ayman Idais (205-C-78) of Orthodox

Guard of the Year: Sam Daghlas (197-G-79) of Zain

Forward of the Year: Zeid Abbas (203-F-83) of ASU Sports Club

Center of the Year: Ayman Idais of Orthodox

Newcomer of the Year: Louay Obeidi (198-F/G-90) of Orthodox

Most Improved Player of the Year: Moussa Al Awadi (190-G/F-85) of Zain

Defensive Player of the Year: Wesam Sous (181-G-83) of Al Riyadi/Aramex

Coach of the Year: Vladimir Bosnjak of ASU Sports Club

1st Team

Sam Daghlas of Zain

Wesam Sous of Al Riyadi Amman

Zeid Abbas of ASU Sports Club

Mohammad Hamdan (201-F-84) of Zain

Ayman Idais of Orthodox

2nd Team

Nidal Shareef (190-G-82) of ASU Sports Club

Moussa Al Awadi of Zain

Louay Obeidi of Orthodox

Islam Abbas (201-C-80) of ASU Sports Club

Ibrahim Bassam (204-C-87) of Orthodox

Bosnjak speaks about his team's preperation for the JPL's finals

-Apr 1,2009 (by Mohammed Malas)

ASU Sports Club's head coach Vladimir Bosnjak from Serbia spoke to Asia-Basket yesterday about his preparations for the JPL's finals which his team reached for the 1st time in their short history in basketball.

- What is your feeling after your qualification in the JPL's finals?

I am happy a lot for all players, some of them did it 1st time and I am sure great career is in front of them. I'm happy for all people around us and for dr Haitham Khadeejeh (president of the club), who invested a lot in this new group of people. Also, I am happy for my friend Igor Kovačević who was preparing team for Championship that was in september, since I was with Syrian national team and Islam Abbas and Zeid Abbas (203-F-83) with Jordan national team in Arab Championship. It was a great team work and our hard work did pay-off.

- Are you satisfied with the team's performance?

I am satisfied with team performance very much, because league is organized in very weird way. 1st round 3 games in one week, same was with 2nd round, so we lost the player for only minor injuree for half of the season. We lost Zeid Abbas and Eyad Abdeen (202-F-79) in 1st round and Abdalla Abu Koura (202-C-84) in 2nd round. This was 1st time we were together, and Ryadi was only one team who played last year without foreigner, so all those players had much more experience than other teams who were 1st time dealing only with domestic players. There for all credits for winning go to this new group of people who are now players of A.S.U.

- What about the preparations for the 22nd Arab Clubs Championship (Beurit, Lebanon April 25, May 6)?

We prepared for semi-finals and now finals, so for us that is going to be extention of previous competition. New group of people is learning how to win a big game and with right foreigners we should be serious opponent to everyone. Good thing would be prep-tournament in Morocco (Sala invitational tournament), after our final games.

- After Adam Parada (213-C-81, agency: Octagon, college: Cal-Irvine)'s signature..Whats your opinion in him and what're your plans for your imports in the big arabic event?

I guess I belong to those kind of people who can't drive and listen radio at the same time. I was so focused in defeating Riyadi, that I was not involved in bringing famous mexican international player. I heard only good things about him, from the time he was in Fastlinik (now Zain).

Important thing is that he is in shape so when he comes he needs to adjust only on time-zone, not on metch-up zone, or some other thing connected with game.

- Last words?

And at the end Mr. Males thank you for big support our club always had from you and Eurobasket, we are glad that like a great reporter, you recognized a new team (A.S.U.) that grows and follow our up not easy climbing to the hills.

Daily report 27/07/2009

Vladimir Bosnjak new head coach of Jordan National team? According to rumors from Asian basketball market, Serbian coach Vladimir Bosnjak (agency: 011 Sports ) will be the new coach of Jordan senior national team.

That would not be big surprise, as it is known that Vladimir Bosnjak (agency: 011 Sports) was coach of the year in Jordan for season 2008/09. Before Jordan, Bosnjak was coach assistant in Crvena Zvezda in season 1997-1998 and head coach of Crvena Zvezda woman team 2000-2001, Al Manama (BHR) in season 2005-2006, Al Qadsia (Kuwait) in season 2006-2007, Qatar Club (Qatar) in season 2007-2008 and ASU Sports Club (Jordan) in season 2008-2009.

Vladimir Bosnjak (agency: 011 Sports) built his international career as head coach of U 18, U20 and senior National teams in Libya, Iran and Syria.

Daily report 09/03/2008

According to local sports media, ASU Sports Club president Haitham Abu Khadeejeh named Syria National Team head coach Vladimir Bosnjak from Serbia as a head coach for the first team in a press conference yesterday. Three new players were also introduced to media and they are: Nidal Shareef (190-G-82) and Zeid Abbas (203-F-83) from Arena Amman & Eyad Abdeen (202-F-79) from Orthodox.

Bosnjak has a good coaching career esspecially in the middle east as he led Iran National Team to the title of West Asian Championship (WABA) in 2005 then he went to coach clubs Bahrain and Kuwait and he's currently taking the controls of Syria National Team until November...

Interview with coach Bosnjak

- What can you tell Asia-Basket's viewers about yourself?

- I am one of very few F.I.B.A. basketball coaches who coached 3 national teams, Libya, Iran and Sirya, and I have one more offer right now, to coach other national team. So if I get it, it would be a personal record during my 23 years of coaching.

Beside my former Yugoslavia and European experience, I coached 9 years in middle and far east and this is the most interesting for your fans.

I won many Championships, two west asian with Iran seniors, one Asian with youth U-20 Iranian team ( we quialified for World Cup), one third place in Islamic games and one Junior Arab Championship with Libya in Tripoli, and many Club Championships and National Cups.

Hoewever, I would like to go back to Europe one day, and coach there basketball, but as some american coach said once: "It doesn't matter where you coach, it matters why are you coaching", and I still have a desire to develop basketball in countires that have potential.

- How did you find Jordanian basketball?

Jordanes basketball is on a way to grow in developed not third world basketball, because president of Jordanian federation Eng. Tariq Zubi invested a lot of effort in bringing coaches from Europe in senior as well as in junior national selections, and I remember that many of your younger teams went abroad, such as Camps in Istambul.

Above all, I see new private investors, such as my president of A.S.U dr Haytham Abu Khadeejeh, new fresh blood, and interest in not only national teams, but in developing each team and player in Jordan clubs, and as I said, you are developing in a right direction.

- What's your opinion about your players in the team?

-They are all good people and they can grow during following days and months in real players who could without foreigners make a lot of wins. We have about 4 or 5 players who are or were in national team recently, and we have some players who were great before and some who are going to be great in future, but it takes a lot of challenges to see who will grow up in my level of needs and become a member of national team, or leading in some statistics in domestic league. The most important is that they all work very hard.

-Do you consider Zeid Abbas (203-F-83) as a valuable part in your team and the National Team?

-God gave him so many gifts, such as athletic ability and skills, that if he was born in Europe he would be playing in the highest teams there, but now it is up to him to carry that gifts on his shoulders, without foreign players in our club and by himself not with Josh Cooperwood (193-G-80, agency: Pro Management Agency, college: Tennessee St.) or Knight Johnson (199-F-77, college: Loisville) or some other americans. This year he has to become that and you know it is never easy, but he can, and I am sure he will become main domestic player and probably not only in Jordan.

Daily Report

(Edited by Os Davis)

The Syrian Basketball Federation announced yesterday that they agreed with Serbian Vladimir Bosnjak to be the new head coach of the Syrian men's national team for one year.

Bosnjak previously coached the Libyan national team in 2003, and Iran's in 2004 and 2005. He has also coached professional clubs such as Al Manama (Bahrain), Al Qadsia (Kuwait) and Qatar Club in Qatar.

The first task for Bosnjak in his new role is the West Asia Tournament scheduled for June in Amman, Jordan.

Daily report 27/4/2005

(Quotes from the Iranian Coach)

The Iranian national team head coach will go back to Tehran with a high regard for Filipino basketeers. Vladimir Bosnjak, the same mentor that beat Asia powerhouse China in 2004 Asian Under-20 Championship last October, had only good words for the two RP San Mig Coffee teams that they played in the recent PBA Invitational Challenge. He was impressed with the athleticism and shooting skills of the Filipino dribblers.

"Very ambitious like the NBA players. You can jump and play very aggressive," said Bosnjak as his squad absorbed back-to-back defeats at the hands of the RP cagers of coach Chot Reyes. "Your team has very talented players.

You have excellent three-point shooters and the players are really competitive," he added. Bosnjak specifically mentioned 6-8 Yancy de Ocampo, a post player that can also hit from the rainbow territory. But what impressed him most was the passion that the Filipino basketball players played the sport. "It's really a great opportunity for us to play against you. In Iran, that's also what we do. Play against other countries to improve our team," Bosnjak noted.

"I hope we can come back again and play this time with our complete team," added Bosnjak. Iran did not bring its two seven-footers, including the 18-year-old 7-5 starting center Jaber Rouzbahani who was part of the Under-18 and Under-20 squads that beat South Korea and China in the finals last year.

Bosnjak said that the other 7-footer is recuperating from an injury. But despite having only four regular members of the men's team, the Iranians still gave the Nationals a tough match although the experience and the home crowd support helped the Pinoy cagers to the victory.

Daily report 25/04/2005

(Head Coach Vladimir Bosnjak Talks About the Iran NT)

In the Islamic games, some of my players didnt have chance of playing more so I wanted to give them more opportunity to show their ability. He said just minutes before taking off to his destination. While he was asking about the opponent in Manila he said: as I got we were suppose to play against South East countries but even with one or 2 teams Im optimistic that my young players can get experience of the trip.

For this short trip, Bosnjak put his faith on these boys: Saeed Tabeshnia, Mohammad Shahsavand, Aydin Kabir (from the senior team), Ali Baheran, Eoshin Sahakian, Aren Dawoodi, Ali Doraghi, Mojtaba Bordbar, Saeed Rasoli, Syavash Monavari, Amir Amini and Mohammad Reza Amel khabazan(from U21 team) while the young tall tower stays in Iran for medical treatment.

The host country takes the advantage of this pocket tournament for preparing his side for two other important events; later on this month, Manila is hosting the final round of FIBA ASIA Clubs Championship, and in July, the national team is flying to Taipei, for taking part in the Jones Cup.

Coach's visit to Milwaukee shook up Yugoslav basketball

September 24, 1991. (By Jay Joslyn Sentinel staff writer)

The hand of friendship offered by Milwaukee's Serbian community to a basketball team made up of Yugoslavian youths last year shook up basketball circles in Belgrade.

Vladimir Bosnjak, who coached a team of 16-year-olds playing for a sports club known as the Partizans, was reprimanded for "baptizing" the team with anti-communism and American democracy.

In protest, Bosnjak resigned from the Partizan team and landed a job coaching another team, the BSK team, taking his Partizan players with him.

Bosnjak is now back in Milwaukee taking an English as a second language course at Milwaukee Area Technical College. He hopes to start a coaching career in America.

"English is very important", he said carefully with his heavy accent. "It is the language of basketball. The language of our job."

Dragan Kresović is acting as Bosnjak's interpreter. It was Kresović, a native Yugoslavian, who offered the hand of friendship last year.

Previously, Kresović explained, Milwaukee's Serbian community had avoided visitors from Yugoslavia because of the local Serbs' distaste for communism. Last year was different.

"When we heard that there was a youth team in town, I made it a point to invite them into our community", Kresović said. "Many years ago when I was a youth, I played soccer with the Partizans".

At the time, the Serbian community was dedicating a new hall in Cudahy. Bosnjak and his Partizan youngsters attended the dedication and met the bishop of the Free Serbian Orthodox Church from Third Lake, III. That was the contact that got the youngsters and Bosnjak into trouble.

"Now, I'd like to stay here and polish up on American basketball coaching", Bosnjak said. "The Best exposure would be with high school. It is the expertise I have refined. I create the potential players".

There is a close tie between Bosnjak's youth team and the National Basketball Association. Žarko Paspalj, who played with the San Antonio Spurs two years ago, and Vlade Divac, who plays with the Los Angeles Lakers, both were with the Partizans when they were youngsters.

Bosnjak played with the Partizans for five years before he was drafted into the Yugoslavian Air Force. During his year's military service he played basketball on a garrison team. When he got out of the service he started his seven-year career as the Partizans' head coach.

His team acquitted itself well in an international youth basketball tournament at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee last August. The team placed third behind two American teams even though, Bosnjak pointed out, his players were a year younger than those on the opposition.

The team had placed first in tournaments in Lyon, France, and Milan, Italy.

Bosnjak's mother and father remain in Belgrade. He said they were safe and pleased with Bosnjak's decision to seek his future in America.

"Like all mothers and fathers, they are happy to see their son get ahead", Bosnjak said.